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Electromote™ is a Young, Dynamic and Innovative electrical and mechanical motor company. We supply industrial type Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives, and Gearboxes in the Southern African Market. We aim to keep our customers well-satisfied with exceptional product quality, dynamic solutions and extraordinary customer service. Our Main Office is in Jet Park.

The name Electromote™ has been derived from our main line of products and expertise, which are Electric Motors. This is why we have selected products of the highest standard and quality to be marketed in South Africa. The highest quality Lamination Steel and the highest grade of Copper Wire are the main components in our range of Electric Motors. The stator winding is vacuum pressure impregnated and fasteners are made from high tensile steel grade 8.8. The motors with re-greaseable bearings have a vibro-lube system. Take a look at our Product Portfolio.

Electromote™ prides itself on being involved in the designing process of the product, thus ensuring that all parts and components are being designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and spearhead technology available on the world's market. Take a look at our Data & Drawings.

Our staff are not only passionate about Electric Motors, but also have extensive experience in the industry. Which is why we have the utmost trust in our staff and their capability to provide dynamic and innovative solutions to whatever complicated and comprehensive problems you may have. Our highly skilled technicians are available 24/7 to assist you with whatever technical problems, regarding your low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage electric motors, that may be keeping you up at night.

Electromote™ has partnered with the globally recognised JLEM Group which has exported products to over 80 countries and regions around the world. They are the leading export-oriented motor factory in China, achieving the top export volume consecutively for the last few years. They conform to all the necessary standards and certifications, specifically the IEC standards as well as being a member of the IEC standard working group.

Electromote™ has partnered with the Wolong Group, who employ over 15000 employees and are the 3rd largest motor maufacturer globally. The Wolong Group specialises in explosion proof, medium and high voltage motor manufacturing and can manufacture up to 135MW 15kV.

Electromote™ supplies a full range of Industrial Gearboxes as well as Frequency Inverters and other associated industrial products.

We are eager to make a lasting impression in the South African scene, with the ambitious aim of becoming a market leading supplier of electric motors in South Africa. The electric motor industry in South Africa is quite unique in the sense that brand awareness and trust is built almost solely on customer experience and product reliability; which is why our leading market strategy is based on building honest and trustworthy relationships with our clients based on exceptional service and product quality.

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Electric Motors:
● IE1: Standard Cast Iron Three-phase Electric Motors
● IE3: Premium Efficiency Cast Iron Three-phase Electric Motors
● Aluminium Series Three-phase Electric Motors
● Single Phase Motors
● Medium Voltage Electric Motors
● High Voltage Electric Motors
● Variable Speed Drives
● Pad Mounted motors
● Electric Motor Repairs

Transmission Equipment:
● In-line Helical Units
● Right Angle Helical Bevel Units
● Parallel Shaft Units
● Helical Worm Units
● Planetary Units
● Industrial Geared Units
● Gearbox Repairs

Johannesburg office:

Electromote (Pty) Ltd
1 Estee Ackerman Street
Jet Park
South Africa

Telephone: +27 62 480 6522

Middelburg office:

Electromote Mpumalanga (Pty) Ltd
Newton Street 11 (West Side)
South Africa

Telephone: +27 13 110 1424

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